The Well-Being Program

Our Program 

Our program was designed to help those with hair-loss due to chemotherapy & cranial radiation therapy. From the moment you begin to lose your hair, to when it begins to grow back, we will be here to support you through your journey.

 We will ensure all the clients in our program will receive individual attention, privacy, & experienced staff, helping you feel both confident & beautiful.


Personalized Consultation

First, we will start off with a personal consultation with one of our Certified Technicians in Trichology, than we will fit you with a comfortable hair replacement wig, made from either synthetic or human hair fibres. We will help to customize the hair piece to be more of your own including cutting, trimming and thinning if necessary. We also offer our clients alternatives such as head coverings & hats.

At Home Care

Finally, we will send you home with a personal care kit to maintain your wig & your scalp. A regular follow-up with a trichology technician is necessary to ensure long term scalp and hair health .



Personal Care Kit

Well-Being care kit will help reduce itching, hydrate and soothe irritation during treatment, and contribute to a strong and rapid regrowth once the treatments are done. Providing a healthy growth environment for hair follicles to grow after treatment is the main objective of this kit

Includes: Vitascalp Shampoo (250ml)

Hydrascalp Shampoo (250ml)

Vitascalp Lotion (90ml)

Hydrascalp Lotions (90ml)

Wig Care Kit

Fiber Love Shampoo - Regular cleansing restores the salon body & extends the life of synthetic hair.

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