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Soft Lift Hat

Soft Lift Hat

The Soft Lift hat from Christine Headwear is a revolutionary hat that will give a beautiful expression and the perfect lift under your headwear and wig.

The small hat will gently lift and add a nice natural volume to the back of the head and thus give your headgear and your wig an elegant and rounded look. The soft and breathable 37.5® material ensures that you are always comfortable as it helps maintain an optimal body temperature of 37.5°C – regardless of the type of headgear you cover it with.

The fine lift is created with the help of a light, small mesh pad, which is inserted into a pocket under a soft top layer. These small delicate layers will add a beautiful roundness and leave you with a feeling of having a gentle and comfortable support around the back of your head.

The result is nothing less than fantastic and you will find that your headgear and wig will have a completely new, fine and elegant look with this lifting hat.

- A smart hat that will give your headgear and wig a beautiful lift

- Soft and comfortable to wear
- Internal silicone band so that under the hat stays put
- 37.5® Technology headgear
- Helps maintain a core temperature of 37.5°C

69% Wool, 31% Polyester

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